1 Longview Avenue

Designer: Loci Architecture and Planning

Joinery: KAM Joinery

Builder: Blythe and Watchorn

This art deco Sandy Bay home presented a challenge – built of concrete panels and with construction techniques we had never seen before. The building design was undertaken by the homeowner’s designer of choice and Blythe & Watchorn were engaged to carry out the renovation.

During the renovation, it was suggested that a rooftop terrace should be considered and hey presto! What a great decision! The views from this vantage point are simply stunning. The home has been transformed – it’s no longer dark, outdated, and cold. The property is now insulated, double-glazed, and with a completely altered interior. Our client is very happy with the end result. The upper terrace is accessed from a third floor, which is still to be renovated, and when the time comes we believe that this project will be another success.

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